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Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, et al., comments/objections submitted to the Forest Service

FEIS Objection Letter
If you would like to download our objection "letter" (submitted Feb. 2014) it can be downloaded here:
Rosemont FEIS Objections_FINAL LETTER
(2.4 MB)

DEIS Comment Letter
If you would like to download the DEIS comment "letter" it is available to be downloaded:
Final comment letter submitted by Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, et al.
(245 MB)

NOTE: Because of the large file size, this document will take at least several minutes to download, and much longer if you have a dial-up connection. If you have trouble downloading this large file, please contact Lisa Froelich at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Letters and Comments Submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers

Several Congress members have recently submitted letters to the ACE regarding the application for a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit submitted by the owners of the proposed Rosemont mine. Letters can be viewed here:

Grijalva letter to the ACE

Barber/DeFazio letter to the ACE

SSSR comments submitted regarding Public Notice/Application No. SPL-2008-00816-MB - Rosemont Copper Company Application for Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. 1344)

Download our comment letter to the ACE (submitted January, 2012)

General informational handouts

Click on the below links to download various SSSR informational handouts.

Letter-writing instructional handout - a handout to help write letters asking top decision makers to protect the Santa Ritas

Augusta Resource Investor Report - prepared by SSSR

Rosemont Deceptions - a list of some of the many deceptions Rosemont has used in their PR campaign.

Permit Update - a list of permits and decisions Rosemont still needs before they can ever break ground.

Rosemont Issue Brief – an excellent overview of the major issues surrounding the proposed Rosemont mine.

Rosemont Economic Impacts – an overview of the potential negative impacts the proposed mine would have on the economy of Southern Arizona.

SSSR_Brochure – our organization’s general brochure, in pdf format.

SSSR Endorsement Form - help us increase our list of endorsees! If you are a member of a group or organization or are a business owner, we need your endorsement! Download this form and mail it in TODAY!

Rosemont public opinion pollRespected, National, Bi-Partisan Polling firms find that southern Arizonans believe that the Rosemont Copper’s mine is NOT in the public’s best interests

Aquifer Protection Permit Appeal

Read the press release here.

Notice of Appeal

EPA Comments on Draft Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan

Read the letter here. 

Special report on the Socioeconomic Impacts of the proposed mine

The Failure of the Rosemont Mine DEIS to Adequately Analyze the Socioeconomic Impacts of the Proposed Mine (click to download the report)

Download the press release

Prepared for the Mountain Empire Action Alliance Sonoita, Arizona
Thomas Michael Power, PhD
Donovan S. Power, MS
Power Consulting Missoula, Montana www.powereconconsulting.com

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) resources

Problems with DEIS_SIA.pdf
Sky Island Alliance compiled this list of key issues regarding water quality/quantity, springs, seeps, riparian habitats, air quality, cultural resources, dark skies, transportations, reclamation

Rosemont Impacts Summary_SIA.pdf
Sky Island Alliance compiled this list of significant issues related to the proposed Rosemont Mine and a brief summary of impacts, as determined by the U.S. Forest Service and discussed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Executive Summary.

Tips on Preparing Comments_SIA.pdf
Sky Island Alliance prepared this document to help you write your comments on the DEIS. It includes a sample letter.

DEIS talking points.pdf
A few key facts about the proposed Rosemont Mine and the contents of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), including page numbers corresponding to areas of concern within the DEIS

DEIS index of areas of concern and tips.pdf
An index of areas of concern within the DEIS and a few tips on writing good comments

DEIS summary of areas of concern.pdf
A 10-pg document with a short summary of each area of concern within the DEIS

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