Media Release: Rosemont Copper CEO Admits Company Didn’t File Disclosures in Arizona

(Tucson, Ariz) – Rosemont Copper CEO Rod Pace is now admitting the company did not disclose a corporate bankruptcy of two of its key officials to Arizona authorities. Pace acknowledged that Rosemont’s parent company, Vancouver-based Augusta Resource Corporation, reported to Canadian regulators that two of its top officers had been involved in a corporate bankruptcy. He claimed, however, that Rosemont is not required to make those disclosures in Arizona.

“The evidence and Arizona law plainly show that such disclosures are required,” said Vince Rabago, attorney for Save the Scenic Santa Ritas (SSSR), which filed the formal complaint last Thursday with the ACC and other prosecutorial agencies requesting an investigation of Rosemont Copper. [Read more…]

Media Release: Rosemont Copper Conceals Prior Bankruptcy in Arizona Filings Local Group Asks: “What Else Are They Hiding?”

The complaint and supporting documents can be downloaded below:




(Tucson, Ariz.) A formal complaint was filed today with the Arizona Corporation Commission alleging Rosemont Copper, a wholly owned subsidiary of Augusta Resource Corporation, repeatedly submitted false statements that concealed a corporate bankruptcy involving two of Rosemont’s top officers.

Arizona law requires companies to affirmatively disclose whether its officers or directors have ever been subject to corporate bankruptcy proceedings. Knowingly filing false statements on the disclosure forms is a felony criminal offense in Arizona and provides grounds for the state to dissolve the company. [Read more…]