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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about the work that we do? These are questions we are asked most often. Please let us know if we missed something.
Are you against all mining in Arizona?

No, we recognize the need for environmentally and culturally appropriate mining to support industry, especially for the transition to green energy. However, we oppose mining in the Santa Rita Mountains because the resources that mining would destroy are essential for our community. In particular, Hudbay's Copper World project would require 4 billion gallons of ground water per year, enough to sustain 41,000 families. There are other places where water would be less of an issue.

How to you know your numbers on water use and toxic waste are correct?

We take them from Hudbay’s published documents. We assume they want to put the best spin on things they can, so if they release numbers that indicate the mine would be an environmental, economic, and health disaster, we can take that as a best-case scenario.

Isn't the copper that Hudbay would mine a critical mineral essential for the US economy?

No, although copper is required for green energy production, it’s not in short supply and therefore isn’t listed by the US Geological Survey as a critical mineral.

Why do you need donations?

We need money to pay for legal fees, professional reports on water and economics, website development, newsletter production, travel to public meetings, and staff support. As what is essentially a group of neighbors, most of our support comes from ourselves in the form of donations by board and other members.

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