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Understand Hudbay's distortions

Current Status of Copper World Project

Read the latest about what's going on with mining activities in the Santa Rita Mountains and the Copper World project

Hudbay's Copper World Fact Sheet, updated March 2024

This fact sheet summarizes changes to Hudbay's mine plan as per the company's 2023 Pre-Feasibility Study.

Rosemont Mine Truth

Rosemont Mine Truth (RMT) is a project of SSSR dedicated to 100% objective news about Hudbay's plans for mining. RMT doesn't editorialize, slant, or cherry pick.

State Land Auction

If the governor and the Arizona State Department of Land director auction off 2 parcels Hudbay wants, it will make it easier for them to dump tailings by residences and an elementary school.

Point-by-point refutation of Hudbay's opinion piece in the Arizona Daily star

On June 26 Hudbay's Senior Vice President Javier Del Rio published a misleading opinion piece greenwashing the Copper World/Rosemont project. Read our rebuttal.

Cortez-Masto Senate bill 1281 rebuttal and fact sheet

Cortez-Masto bill, cosponsored by Kyrsten Sinema, would be the biggest give-away of public lands ever. Do foreign mining companies really need our recreation lands?

Geologist Stan Hart explains health dangers of Hudbay's proposed toxic tailings piles

Hudbay's own Preliminary Economic Analysis says they propose to dump as much as a billion tons of waste, much of it toxic, around the Santa Ritas near homes and schools. See SSSR board member Stan Hart explain the dangers of toxic waste in a film by John Grahame.

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