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Learn the Truth

Understand Hudbay's distortions

Rosemont Mine Truth

Rosemont Mine Truth (RMT) is a project of SSSR dedicated to 100% objective news about Hudbay's plans for mining. RMT doesn't editorialize, slant, or cherry pick.

Cortez-Masto Senate bill 1281 rebuttal and fact sheet

Cortez-Masto bill, cosponsored by Kyrsten Sinema, would be the biggest give-away of public lands ever. Do foreign mining companies really need our recreation lands?

Point-by-point refutation of Hudbay's opinion piece in the Arizona Daily star

On June 26 Hudbay's Senior Vice President Javier Del Rio published a misleading opinion piece greenwashing the Copper World/Rosemont project. Read our rebuttal.

Geologist Stan Hart explains health dangers of Hudbay's proposed toxic tailings piles

Hudbay's own Preliminary Economic Analysis says they propose to dump as much as a billion tons of waste, much of it toxic, around the Santa Ritas near homes and schools. See SSSR board member Stan Hart explain the dangers of toxic waste in a film by John Grahame.

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