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NEW Economic Report refutes Hudbay's economic claims

We are excited to share Power Consulting’s just released economic report, commissioned by SSSR. The report concludes that Hudbay’s Copper World project in the Santa Rita Mountains would severely damage the Pima County economy.


The report goes a long way towards refuting Hudbay’s claims that its project would benefit the community overall. It concludes that the mine would provide relatively little economic benefit while doing serious harm to more important economic sectors like tourism, outdoor recreation, and housing values.


Factors that would contribute to harming the economy include decreased property values from miles-long piles of tailings dust, depletion and possible contamination of groundwater, heavy truck traffic competing with passenger vehicles on public roads, and destruction of scenic vistas, places to recreate, and a globally important center for biological diversity. For example, the mine would destroy habitat of El Jefe, the world-famous jaguar, and Phase II of the project would cover the portion of the Arizona Trail that runs through the Rosemont Valley.


This report will be helpful in fighting other mines, beyond Pima County, because it includes generalized conclusions based on reviews of studies elsewhere in the U.S. and the world. For example, the report summarizes studies showing that, around the world and specifically in Arizona, areas with mining fail to keep up economically with areas without mining.


You can access the executive summary and the full report here at



We are asking partners to do three things to help amplify this message:

  • Share the report with your community by forwarding this email

  • Like/Comment/Share the SSSR Facebook post >> linked here

  • Contact your elected officials and use these findings to urge them to protect our region’s economy

  • Invite us to present these findings for communities you’re a part of

Photo Description: An overturned truck hauling copper concentrate near Hudbay's Constancia Mine site in Uchucarcco, Peru.

Photo taken by Peruvian activist. Photo supplied by John Dougherty.

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