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Our lawsuit with the State of Arizona went to court

In January 2024, SSSR and Farmers Investment Company, a Sahuarita pecan farming operation filed a lawsuit alleging that the Arizona State Land Department's Board of Appeals violated the state’s Open Meeting Law in connection with granting Hudbay a right-of-way to pipe toxic tailings across the state's pristine Santa Rita Experimental Range. The right-of-way also covered a high voltage power line, communications line, and an access road. None of the infrastructure has been installed.


Update: All documents have been filed and oral arguments were heard June 13, 2024. The judge asked good questions and appeared to understand the nature of our case. Filings were submitted on July 11 and the judge has up to 60 days to make a ruling.



For all other updates, check out this webpage that details the latest progress and actions on Hudbay’s Copper World mining project. Inside you’ll also find a map, downloadable fact sheet, and a recording of Rob Peter’s recent presentation with the latest updates.


We are hoping this will make it easy to get your friends and neighbors up to speed on what is happening.


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