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Help geologist Stan Hart survey ephemeral washes

Help geologist and SSSR board members Stan Hart survey ephemeral washes. You would be assisting with our vital work to document the biological and hydrological values that the mine would destroy.

Stan will teach you how to geolocate key characteristics of an important wash that runs from the area that will be mined toward the Santa Cruz River. The river's health depends on ground and surface water fed into the river by the mountain's ephemeral washes.

We'd like to get one or more people lined up and ready to go during the cool weather that's coming soon.

You must be able to walk several miles at a time over uneven terrain.

Contact Stan Hart:

Below is a drone photo of a Hudbay bulldozer building a road across an ephemeral wash. The result of such obstructions could be less water reaching the Santa Cruz River. Photo courtesy of Russ McSpadden, Center for Biological Diversity.

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