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Guide to our site

Welcome to our newly designed site. You can reach all major sections from the top menu links. Below, we describe what you will find in each section reached from the top menu. Each heading below is a link that will jump you to the relevant page.
The Home Page's Spotlight on Action section will take you to ways you can help right now, for example by writing a letter to an elected official. The Latest News section contains links to news stories about our organization or issues. More Opportunities to Learn will lead you to information sources like Rosemont Mine Truth or our latest newsletter.
About us contains our Mission Statement and photos and profiles of our executive director and board members,
The FAQ contains answers to commonly asked questions about our organization.
The Volunteer page is dedicated to our Guardian volunteer group. There's a sign-up form where you can let us know what types of activities you'd like to join, a list of volunteer positions open right now, and information on how you can purchase a Guardians t-shirt or get a free bumper sticker.
Here you can see upcoming events that you might attend or volunteer to put on, plus a list of past events.
The "Act now!" link jumps you to Spotlight on Action (also found on the Home Page), where we urgently ask your help in writing letters to politicians, signing online petitions, organizing outreach events and other things we can do together to stop the mine.
You can read the latest articles about SSSR or our issues.
Think of the library as a physical library with rooms dedicated to different resources. On the library page you'll find links to the Map Room, the Documents and Reports Room, Videos and Slideshows, and more.
The "Mine truth" link on the top menu takes you to the Rosemont Mine Truth website. This independent website is a project of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, where you can find reports on Hudbay's financial and regulatory shenanigins. This site is particularly useful for journalists. The drop-down menu item on the Home Page, "About Rosemont Mine Truth" will explain more about this vital SSSR project.
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