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The University of Arizona is advancing Copper World by quietly approving utility corridors across world-class research site

The latest issue of Rosemont Mine Truth (RMT) dives into how the University of Arizona is going along with the Arizona State Land Department’s plans to give right of ways to Hudbay across the university’s Santa Rita Experimental Range. The RMT article raises the question of whether the university’s attitude could have anything to do with the fact that the chairman of the university’s Board of Regents, Fred DuVal, is heavily involved in promoting copper production in Arizona.

Read all about it right here!

What is Rosemont Mine Truth? It’s a stand-alone website that is a project of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas. We developed it to call attention to discrepancies in Hudbay’s press releases, op-eds, interviews, and other public statements that the company uses to try and sway public opinion and agency officials to support their mining operations in the Santa Rita Mountains. We intend Rosemont Mine Truth to be a source for journalists and others in search of unbiased facts. To this end, the site is free of editorializing and consists of pure reporting. The facts presented are referenced with citations and are often based on Hudbay's own publications, mine plans, materials for investors, and other public statements.

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