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Save the Scenic Santa Ritas

Since 1993 we have been fighting to protect the Santa Rita Mountains from the devastating effects of industrial, open-pit mining. We are 3,000 citizens united to defend the wild mountains we love.

Welcome to our new website

We're redesigned our website top to bottom so it's easier to find the information you're looking for. Click this link for a guide to the site. In the coming weeks, look for more upgrades. In the meantime, check out the Volunteer section of the website where you can find opportunities to pitch in. 

Latest News

$313 million water subsidy for Hudbay makes no sense

Tohono O'odham opinion: Why is Arizona giving away groundwater to mining in a water crisis?

Tohono O'odham leader: Time to fix outdated mining law

Together, we can stop Hudbay

The Santa Ritas belong to all of us,
not to a Canadian mining company. 

Help pay for outreach and lawyers.
Please give generously.

Stop the Destruction!

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